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TOPIC: Any advice on prospect no-shows?

Any advice on prospect no-shows? 6 days 14 hours ago #26427

So let's be clear.
Prospect cancels and does not call you... great

send a text message saying "we have this lovely unit that you might like, when are you stopping by"

You need to see what the groundwork was before you set the appointment. That's your issue. You need to lead generate, make contacts, set appointments and double book. The more filled you appointment book is the better you are.

I fill my entire afternoon with appointments, and lead generate all morning.

about lead generation: I can not state this loud enough, QUALIFY them, for example, I don't ask how good is your credit score, I ask "what is your credit score number". don't ask if they have ever been evicted, ask "has anyone ever taken you to court beside like me for speeding tickets" then you can gently get into the eviction question ( I accept people that have been evicted, I just screen why it happened and divorces seem to be a big reason )

Any advice on prospect no-shows? 6 days 14 hours ago #26429

I always confirm the hour before a showing. Since all of my properties are located outside of my office, I kindly let them know I will not be leaving for the showing until I hear from them. I haven't had a no-show showing since I started doing this. Not only am i not wasting my time, I'm also reiterating personal responsibility to prospective tenants. We require ALL prospects to have a showing so virtual showings is not an option. :)
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Any advice on prospect no-shows? 6 days 13 hours ago #26432

The problem is motivation...not scheduling. Advertise your property as Zero Deposit, like many leading property management companies are doing, and replace the deposit with a pure form of insurance through a program like LeaseLock. Get 10x the coverage of an inadequate security deposit for lost rent, damage, and wear and tear.

Renters want an easy move-in with the least out-of-pocket possible.

Renters don't walk, but run to properties that end the ANTIQUATED use of deposits.
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Any advice on prospect no-shows? 6 days 12 hours ago #26433

this was to be a reply to another person : hard core!!! that's the way. time is money so people learn quickly
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Any advice on prospect no-shows? 6 days 12 hours ago #26434

Not every company can do a no deposit incentive, especially when you are affordable housing. I say personal responsibility is key. If they no show a showing and don't seem to care about communication, how will they be as a renters paying rent. It can be scary. MOST are good but you have to protect your time and your investment.
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