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Those who have transferred to other careers (vendor side, commercial, etc) have you found that pay is comparable? It is hard to find an industry that pays equivalent but dang it burns you out! :(
2 years 2 months ago #32449

Bob Landis

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I am in my 37th year in the business and working at the 6th organization. If you are unappreciated and unsupported change where you are working. Network with others in the business to find out good places to work. You might look at which sometimes has information about the work environment posted by people working at specific companies.

If you truly love the business but hate the environment where you are working, for your sanity and sense of self worth change your employer. Also consider working in an adjacent part of the business - perhaps on the vendor side or in a different setting with different clientele. There are all kinds of properties and tenant profiles that can impact your work environment. Some in the industry say it is best to work for an owner managed organization, but others I know who work predominately in fee management like the challenge of taking care of different owner's needs.

I agree with Pat Wiley who I have worked with in the past and also the sentiment addressed by Kathleen Silver: Be the change rather than a victim of circumstances! Don't put up with it!
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Jim P

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After yea of all the corporate BS, if was too invested in the industry and felt too old to start something new. I made the decision to find a small family owned operation in a small rural area-away from the big city. Being a small family outfit detached from the corporate mindset, they aren’t in any way poisoned by the stressful mindset that the large companies have. It has now been 7 years since this move and I still feel it was the best thing I ever did for my sanity. I realize that the idea of climbing the corporate ladder is not gonna happen in this setting, but at my age my dainty and wellbeing is much more important these days. I would completely recommend to anyone in the big city, working for those large property management organizations who are feeling stressed out and burned out, find a small family operation in a small rural town away from the large metropolitan city. Your years of experience with the structured large companies will be treated like gold by them.
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That's terrible. And what a terrible manager. I would never leave my associate with an irate resident. I would be in there to make sure everything was going smoothly, and I would tell him to leave if he was being disrespectful and getting up in your face.
2 years 3 months ago #32310

Lydia Robertson

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Yes but think of all of the residents that make it worth it. When you serve people especially with a home, it has many different facets and challenges but imagine the impact you make on their lives. A home! They will remember for their lifetime. Memories created.
2 years 3 months ago #32309

Estrella Santi

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I feel this way especially lately. Then i think what else can i even do?

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