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3 months 1 week ago #51790


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I’ve taken my team out in the past for go-cart racing.  Everyone loved it, and the arcade games that were there as well.  Follow up with group lunch if budget allows…
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I used to give movie tickets, but with the pandemic that may not be best anymore, but Fandango gift cards cover a wide variety of venues. Another idea is Amazon or Walmart gift cards between the two of them there isn't anything left out. If you have a RedBox movie rental in your area they are a good source to rent movies and they also have online streaming rentals, everyone likes a good movie. The flavored popcorn with cheese or caramel is a pretty safe bet. You may have some cultural venues, like art museums in the area that you can get a deal on if you buy a certain amount of tickets. I used to get a book of adult movie passes at a discount from the AMC theaters, but they have many new programs now. One year as a group event I found a local observatory that you could rent and have a group look through the telescope at the planets, something that many people never get a chance to do in their life. Think locally and out of the box for a unique gift that shows your sincerity.
3 months 3 weeks ago #51450

Percy Nikora

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We have done:
- Staff lunches
- Small token gift cards
- Bonuses (for leasing and maintenance)
- Make their work environment more comfortable/easier (new furniture, iPads for maintenance, new computers for leasing staff, etc).

Admittedly, we need to do more. Was thinking about a mini-golf outing or some group activity.
4 months 1 day ago #51260

Patsy Tilghman

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My guys love getting food, dessert etc or $5 gift card for food
4 months 1 day ago #51259

Maitina Matilla Morrissey

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We celebrate Maintenance Appreciation Week every year. Same goes for the inside team. Posted photos of what some properties did to show their appreciation.

4 months 1 day ago #51258

Charlie Ward

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Money says you appreciate them the best

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