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3 months 6 days ago #51996

Patrick Turner

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Had a guy invite me in to see the warts on his “cod sack”.
A woman use to stand out by my truck and curse at it, later found out she thought it was her ex spying on her.

Had a lady tell me I needed to get rid of this certain group of people that were getting in her and burning her vagina.
More stories than I can remember but those kind of stand out
3 months 6 days ago #51995

Lindita Favreau

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Resident threw his table out of the second floor, jump down broke the leg off the table and started beating someone idk the backstory
Same community lady set her boyfriend's car on fire
Same community a resident carried bed bugs in a jar, yes, a jar and put them in people's cars.
3 months 6 days ago #51994

Rose Gallifrey

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I had a male who had a romantic relationship with a light pole in our parking lot, he came daily to love on it. He would unscrew a panel, make love to it sometimes for a long while...
I had a woman who would sleep under cars and then do her business beside them,. Later she "submitted" a urine sample to our dryer to prove it was her babies daddy..
This is just a few of my adventures

This property was in Portland..
I've been managing in Seattle for a while now , it's very different than it used to be 16 years ago 
I work challenging buildings, but I love it.
3 months 6 days ago #51993

Merci Chavez

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Maintenance noticed a car Come by everyday and park by the end building of the apartments, it was during lunch time. We finally went up to them and they were doing the nasty in the back seat of the car. Never again they showed up
3 months 6 days ago #51992

Carley Ann

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I worked for Kushner during the Trump Era, I lost count of how many people told me they were going to call the White House to talk to Jared about an issue. Like the President's advisor cares about your $200 late fee 
3 months 6 days ago #51991

Marcel Thomas

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The resident that emailed Donald Trump, the governor, senator, and FBI because his roommate ate his food

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