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3 months 1 day ago #52068

Donje Putnam

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Slack all day. Easier to use and simpler for teams to learn.
3 months 1 day ago #52067

Zachary Sloan

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We love using Slack on our side, tons of integrations and also very easy to track different channels/precious conversations/etc.!
3 months 1 day ago #52066

Charity Andrews

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We have Teams and we love it. we have a manager chat, an asm chat and a leasing chat for any questions. They are used quite often.
3 months 1 day ago #52065

Leah Love Orsbon

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I will add - I always start “Manager Chat” in Teams so Managers can chat with each other throughout the company. They answer so many of each other’s questions easily and quickly throughout the day.
3 months 1 day ago #52064

Amber Daisy

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We just went from slack to Microsoft Teams after 2 years. Each has its own advantages.

The main reason we changed is because slack just updated their os and now you have to have Android 9.0 to run it. And a lot of guys have 8.0 or older and can no longer use slack with out everyone going out and buying new phones.
3 months 1 day ago #52063


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Following this discussion. We are using MS Teams. It seems to work fine for what we use it for - meetings, chat, etc.

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