Reply: Is anyone seeing a trend in Property Managment to a 4 day work week?

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2 months 3 weeks ago #52478

Stacy Norgard

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As an RM I asked one of my teams if they were interested.  I was going to try and pilot it with my team.  They all came back and said no.  I think it would very much need to be a location by location decision and market by market.  Agree with some that the office would be covered by staggering the staff.  
2 months 3 weeks ago #52445


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Since 2020 when we had to shut down we only reopened Mon- Thurs. But we still end up working Fridays to get things done and although we advertise we are closed Fridays we are too busy, so I am just starting back to the Fridays too. Seems to be the day residences report maintenance issues.
2 months 3 weeks ago #52442


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Agree! Especially, because we have been sitting at 100% occupancy and pre-leased for several months now. We are just answering the phone mainly and sending maintenance out to do work orders.
3 months 5 hours ago #52181

Angel Denning

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I think covid should have taught us that we can still run our offices without any in person contact at all. Four-day work weeks would give the team more time to rest and recuperate which would help in customer service when they're not as stressed out.
3 months 5 hours ago #52180


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If be happy with just closing at 3pm m-f! Lol
3 months 5 hours ago #52179

Brandon Payton

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There's already a billion solutions, platforms, softwares, call centers, you name it, on the market. "We've always done it that way" is the status quo in property management.

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