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TOPIC: Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units

Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units 7 years 10 months ago #2158

Hi Everyone-
We just picked up a a 50+ unit building with a unit mix of 25 studio apartments with bath and 25 studio with SHARED bath. Yes, the bathrooms and showers for these units show up as 2 single stall bathrooms and 2 single stall showers on each floor. The rooms are about 10' x 12': very freshman college dorm-esk.

My question today is: Has anyone had any experience marketing these types of units? They are definitely not the student housing market, and fall into the "lower income" demographic but the building is clean and well maintained. Thoughts on advertising and ad verbiage?

Thanks - Trevor

Re:Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units 7 years 10 months ago #2159

An idea for you, maybe sometimes people come and stay only a short while while going to school or getting medical work done? Perhaps their family needs a temporary dwelling place?
  • Lisa Childs
  • Lisa Childs's Avatar

Re:Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units 7 years 10 months ago #2160

Also, sometimes people who are just starting out in married life or college life,might need a place to stay that is affordable-especially those that are single mothers.

Re:Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units 7 years 10 months ago #2167

A few things that pop into mind from a marketing point of view would be the following:

1. An enhanced maintenance program (full details of program available for current and prospect residents)
2. Consider length of lease options
3. I like what Lisa mentioned- Are temporary options available?
4. Partner up with local vendors to see if when hiring from out of town some sort of program can be established

Bottom line is you have a challenging set of units to market. I am sure more will contribute with some thoughts.

Re:Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units 7 years 10 months ago #2177

Certainly you have a unique challenge,but one I think you can manage with time and money. I would consider these options:
-can the current living space be modified in any manner to accommodate a bath?

-can you make the units look high end and carry that into the baths to look more like a bathroom in ana expensive club?

-find the fixtures,tile and double or multiple shower heads

-provide every new resident a nice white cotton robe and some shower shoes (flip flops) have the robes emblazzed with your apartments name

-change the look of the landscape and provide a high end appeal

-partner with local business to provide discounts for your residents to enhance value

-perception of value crowned by pride of residency

Bottom line, if you can't buy your way out of the problem, your going to have to price your way out.
  • Bob Turner
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Re:Marketing the "Shared Bathroom" Units 7 years 10 months ago #2180

1. I like your idea about the "Enhanced Maintenance program". This could easily be on the ILS posting and included in a boxed section on the flier. Excellent.

2. We are flexible with the leases, but the owners do like to stick to a 9 or 12 month lease if at all possible.

3. Lisa does have a good idea here. Do either of you have success in marketing as a temp housing option with out coming across as a halfway house of sorts?

4. Are you thinking coupons and something like "Free local discounts upon move in?"

Thanks for your help!

Re:Marketing the 7 years 10 months ago #2182


Thank you for the great list of ideas. I really like the bathrobe idea. Have you ever known a community to employ such a tactic? If there was an example of this in use, I could most definitely present this to the owners of the property.
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