Topic: Understand what a massive difference lighting can make!

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Understand what a massive difference lighting can make! Here is a space that was poorly lit, not enough lumens, wrong color temperature for the application, and low CRI. The result was that it felt like something out of a horror movie instead of a welcoming space. Since the iPhone will make any space look awesome I locked it all down manually and took both of these phones with the exact same, ISO, White Balance and exposure so you can see apples to apples the difference it can make. Also notice the poor colors in the hallway to the right. This still has an old 80 CRI light in the fixture even though they are all 3000K down from 5000k. This went from 8,000 Lumens to 21,200 Lumens. This is still technically under lit by 30% but that was the best we could do without adding more fixtures.
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Posted 1 year 2 weeks ago
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Laura Renaldo
I never understand why people choose the blue hued LEDs. It feels kind a doctors office.
Posted 1 year 2 weeks ago
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Stacey Pichette
Yep my house had an old fluorescent light fixture in the kitchen so we replaced it with track lighting that has 6 LED bulbs. We went from cooking in the dark to the room being bright! Huge difference and the fixture cost much less than a new fluorescent fixture. Also looks much more modern and the bulbs have been glowing strong for over 2 years!
Posted 1 year 2 weeks ago
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What a difference!
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