Topic: Are the dumpsters at your property Fair Housing Compliant?

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I have a question…. I manage a small property in southern Indiana.
I attended a webinar last week for Fair Housing and they were discussing accessibility for common areas parking lots ect and mentioned the trash dumpsters. Well ours are TALL and the lids are very heavy to lift to dispose of trash. I contacted our representative with our trash removal company and inquired about shorter dumpsters and ones that slide open on the side so that they’re accessible to all tenants. Should told me they didn’t have those and reminded me our contract isn’t up until 2024.
Surely they make accessible dumpsters
Do any of you have any on your properties??
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Posted 5 months 4 days ago
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Greg Szymanski
You could get a toter trash can, maintenance can dump it into the regular dumpster when its full.

Posted 5 months 4 days ago
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Magnolia Ridge Gaffney
mentioned the fact that its to be ADA compliant and see what they're response is. Usually when they know that its to be in compliance with ADA laws they can tell you why they are allowed to provide what they provide, OR they will make sure its corrected
Posted 5 months 4 days ago
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Nancy Alex
Yes all of our 6 & 8 yard dumpsters have sliding doors on both sides. I am in Michigan and work with Waste Management. They will change out whatever I want whenever I want if there is a problem. I would talk to someone at the top in your trash removal company ! That's not good business!
Posted 5 months 4 days ago