Topic: Why is Property Management so toxic? Weird staffing? Will it always be toxic?

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The company I work for is going through major changes because a partner pulled out unexpectedly.

Because of that there was a decrease in budget resulting in some of the higher up corporate workers being terminated or laid off.

These "upper management" positions at the main office were basically self designed for property managers the CEO liked. If she liked them as managers she would invite them to the main office to work for her. Keep in mind these people do not work at any specific property or have a legitimate position vital to a property. They get titles like "Housing Supporter"

When the company lost part of it's budget these employees weren't considered essential because they weren't working at a property.

However since they laid off people the rest of the corporate workers have been extremely abusive and aggressive to the onsite property staff that are on the ground.

They're now trying to pick on onsite property staff on non issues to make it appear that their positions are still needed within the company.

We're under constant unwarranted scrutiny and they've managed to staff split us making us not trusting of our onsite coworkers.

There's so much finger pointing and fear going on because of this.

When I started this position this dynamic didn't exist and the upper management corporate workers kept a distance as their jobs were secure but since they're insecure currently it's a toxic dynamic.

Is this normal for property management?

I have heard of property managers having issues and pointing fingers but I have never experienced a situation where upper management had job insecurity and now they're trying to cross the barrier.
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I'm so sorry you are dealing with this! There is a lot to pick apart here. If I were to help resolve this conflict or try to get to the bottom of the abrupt change in culture the first question I would ask is this:
Were these corporate employees involved in directly managing or communicating with property-level staff before the lay-offs?
Or was the job of acting as "liaison" between the property level employees and corporate the role of the individuals that were laid off?
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