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Did you see it? The change rolled through Florida all of last week. And it hit Texas on Friday. Today, all of the sudden, it went nation-wide. Dubbed Hurricane Craig, this change is a seismic shift i...
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Trying to reach perfect lead attribution is like trying to learn to fly with a pair of chopsticks and chewing gum. People just use way too many websites to get all the information they need to make th...
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  To add to the barrage of social media opportunities that professionals in our industry have been compelled to filter through over recent years, Instagram is another channel that is quick...
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It was in the way she held her 4 year old son tightly against her chest, a crack of hallway light drifting into his dark bedroom. He was sobbing softly. She could feel his warm body through his Cars...
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Dear Apartment Manager,   I just recieved my "deposit reconciliation" in the mail, and I use quotes because I believe I am being snarky even though, in this case, the quotes make absolutely no ...
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Recently, I attended a training for property management professionals and had the opportunity to mingle with those in the multifamily housing industry from my area. Many of these individuals are prope...
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Do you really understand the value of a better customer experience for your employees and residents? If you truly understand the value, then your answer should be “yes” to the question, “Are you prepa...
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I've been considering writing this post for a while now, running sentences and ideas over in my head. Because I think it's important that you read this and you understand *why* it's important. Facebo...
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