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1 Pet Deposits, Pet Fees, and Pet Rent: Appropriate or Inappropriate? 172
2 What are some other options for an office name besides “Leasing Office” 158
3 Has anyone tried to do away with commissions? 128
4 Problems with Compliance Depot 124
5 How much do you charge for month to month fees for apartment leases? 103
6 100 Apartment Marketing Ideas In 100 Hours 99
7 What advice would you give someone just starting out in multifamily? 90
8 Yardi Voyager vs. RealPage's OneSite 90
9 What would you tell your “younger self” about your career in property management? 86
10 Ways to describe “luxury apartment living” without using the word luxury. 86
11 Anyone have some good golf cart stories? 83
12 I would love to know y’all’s thoughts and if your community allows an “office pet mascot”? 81
13 What do you do when customer service causes strife with employees? 81
14 Parking help! We're currently full (98% occupied) and parking is a huge problem. 74
15 Is it appropriate for a staff member to have resident phone numbers In their phone? 73
16 China dating site 73
17 Maintenance Skills Quiz! 70
18 "10 Commandments of Leasing" 69
19 Slogan for dumb dum suckers for renewing residents 68
20 Does your company provide tools or does maintenance need to bring their own? 67
21 WANTED MultiFamily complex to Purchase... Must be off Market 67
22 What is your premium on month to month leases? 66
23 Applicant Rental History Verification 66
24 Okay creative types: New name for "mini model"...GO! 63
25 Anybody have any suggestions on how to collect late fees from residents? 63
26 What’s the one interview question, you hate being asked ? 62
27 Re: What methods are you using to determine fraudulent pay stubs and bank statements? 61
28 Almost every office I call these days has an automated system answering the phone WTH???? 61
29 Vet says this is a mixed breed, thoughts on approving for an apartment? 61
30 Mold or soap scum? Tenant or Mgmt Responsibility? 60
31 Aside from base rent, parking rent, pet rent, and water/sewer reimbursement, how else do you creatively generate income at your properties? 60
32 Dirty, sloppy, unclean tenants- I need a letter! 59
33 Average # of units per maintenance technician 59
34 Entrata... good, bad ugly... GO! 58
35 Do you guys ever get really burned out and wanna leave the industry? 58
36 What is the best method/app/company for texting residents? 58
37 Leasing Agent Compensation 58
38 Section 8 required? 57
39 How do you guys get your residents to participate in resident events? 56
40 Is Anyone Using Effectively? 56
41 What's Your Twitter Name? 56
42 Just when I think I've seen it all... Have a 'family' that looked at an apartment to rent. 55
43 I need to implement mandatory renters insurance 55
44 Has any management group stopped tours? 54
45 Why o why are folks still referring to our residents as tenants? 54
46 What is your property’s month to month fees? 54
47 What company do you use to run credits, evictions history, criminal, etc... 54
48 What is the one thing that apartment locators do that drive you nuts??? 54
49 Remember that Amenities aren't all pools and gyms. These sorts of things might not "Sell" the apartment... but they'll for sure sell the RENEWAL 53
50 SERIOUS question. Why do people HATE market survey calls SO much. 53