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Assistant Superintendent

Job Details
Job Title: Assistant Superintendent
Job Category: Construction and Development
Location: Fremont California
Job Description:

We are looking for an Assistant Superintendent to join this project. Qualified candidates must have experience working in multifamily new construction; at least 2 years of experience is needed.


The Assistant Superintendent assists and supports in the required construction needs to maintain safety, quality and timeliness of the project.  The Assistant Superintendent will perform daily duties as directed by the Superintendent which may include but is not limited to overseeing the punch out and laborers, adhering to project schedule, budget and quality control. 


This position will work directly with the Project Manager, the Property Management department and City Inspectors to ensure all items are completed to satisfaction.


Essential Duties Include:

  • Working with the Superintendent and Project Manager to develop and implement overall project work schedules identifying the critical path including the expediting of scheduled critical materials and equipment for their timely delivery to site.
  • Leading, supervising and developing quality standards among all trades on site.
  • Ensure strict adherence to ethics and compliance requirements at all times.
  • Developing and managing the overall site safety program as required and ensuring subcontractor compliance with all applicable safety codes and regulations.
  • Managing and making decisions related to the performance of work related to scheduling, delivery, logistics, quality control and trade employee staffing levels.
  • Overseeing work among all trades to promote a coordinated project operation. Resolving local area problems regarding procedures, design clarifications, adequate labor and equipment, schedule and all other appropriate matters.
  • Acting as on-site liaison to inspection agencies (i.e. City, Third Party Inspections, etc.).
  • Assisting the Project Manager in managing the General Conditions for the project in order to maintain budget.
  • Assisting the Project Manager in managing the billing process as it relates to work in place and overseeing the monthly estimate of work completed payrolls, material invoices and subcontractor payment applications.
  • Managing the work to ensure that it is installed in compliance with and conforms to the approved contract documents.
  • Prepare and submit PCOR’s as required 
  • Project standards sheets- 8x11 electric layouts, etc
  • Assist with Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Early problem identification and resolution
  • Assemble punch list on buildings near turn
  • Walk with City Inspectors to ensure a timely flow of the project
  • Work with Project Management to ensure quality and timely turnovers
  • Assist in project close out


Submit a project list along with your resume.

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