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Customer Service Representative

Job Details
Job Title: Customer Service Representative
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Job Category: Customer Service
Location: Texas
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Description:

Summary of Position

Fast-paced, growing organization is looking for a qualified individual to support Sales and Customer Service. Interaction from multiple sources and job tasks that involve heavy customer retention initiatives, as well as support for our local and National sales teams. Position will be remote from corporate office. Candidate must have a strong independent work ethic and be able to self-motivate.


Director of Customer Relations

Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

                Customer Relations – Broad Scope

  • Ideas and implementation of any information that would aid the company (sales and marketing), as well as everything related to the overall client experience
  • Database management – CW and ERP systems
  • Creation of renewals and client retention packages
  • Map generation
  • Client training – local/remote
  • Mid-market sales potential
  • Sales support on property walks for system design and discovery
  • Support/input of company newsletter, blog, website, and social media. You will be tasked with researching what new or old avenues may or may not be viable.
  • Develop and foster relationships at site manager, regional level

Industry Representation – Local and Remote

  • Trade show planning and set up
  • Ongoing police/other law enforcement liaison. You may be asked to help build these relationships.
  • Industry specific special event participation - local and possibly remote.
  • Apartment Association events - membership/participation will be required
  • Possible large-scale webinar support and set up
  • Aid in travel booking where needed


  • Industry training - relevant classes to be discussed.
  • Issues regarding customer facing materials/technology and marketing

Image Control

  • Remote problem solving where applicable

Interaction and External Cooperation


  • Interdepartmental service collaboration
  • Collaboration with management team
  • Monday- Friday availability for communication is standard, and additional when required.
  • Standard time card entry requirements

Job Skills and requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or related applicable experience
  • Must have above average written and verbal communication skills
  • Understanding of technical procedures and information is a plus
  • Analytical skills a must.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and image/video editing platforms
  • Ability to adapt and be conducive to making a team successful
  • Must have valid driver’s license and clean criminal record
  • Ability to travel to other markets
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