Do You Want To Be A Sandbox Property?

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We talk to industry educators all the time who are working on new apartment marketing ideas, resident retention practices, management techniques, or other programs, but they need test properties to get the kinks out first!  In the same vein, there are companies that have new products all the time who just need adventurous companies to try out the service and see how it works.  So we are looking for properties who are want to try out the latest and greatest ideas!

Benefits: You get new ideas, concepts, or services absolutely for FREE!

Unknowns: Will they work?  You never know!  But we are firm believers that in order to excel, you must be willing to fail.  And many times, even if something didn't work quite as expected, gems of brilliance creep through from the ashes.

How do I become a Sandbox Property?

It's easy!  Just log in at the top of the page, and then make a comment below!  Make a note if you only want to be contacted by either industry educators or by companies who have beta products.

If I am an industry educator or a company with a beta service, how do I participate?

Just contact any of the Sandbox Properties below.  Please respect their wishes if they have specific requests, and all programs must be completely free to them.  This is NOT a sales tool - this can only be used as a research tool to improve the idea or service.

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