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Request For Presenters: 2023 Webinar Wednesdays and Mastering Maintenance

The Webinar Wednesdays and Mastering Maintenance series are the largest premium webinar series in the industry featuring fresh and trending topics to impact the careers of property management professionals. We continue to grow year over year, and are expecting an especially strong 2023.

Presentation Time: Webinars are 60 minute webcam-enabled sessions, comprising approximately 45 – 50 minutes of content, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers.

Target Audience: For our Webinar Wednesday program, although we have a varied audience, the content should be catered to experienced property managers covering issues that on-site teams face. Our Mastering Maintenance series focuses on issues that on-site maintenance teams deal with.

Submissions must be made by August 22nd in order to be considered.

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