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Covid-19 How Your Apartment Leasing Strategy Can Stay Ahead of the Next Potential Lockdown

  If 2020 taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. In 2020 Covid-19 took the entire world by storm. Life and business as we knew them were completely changed (and in some areas lost forever). The "out-of-nowhere" nature of the pandemic left everybody scrambling to simply survive. While we have made significant strides in terms of understanding the virus and taking the necessary safety precautions, there is still so much unknown about the virus and life as a whole.   Take the last week of July for instance. The CDC estimated that there was nearly a 44% increase in daily COVID cases reported. This in combination with the new variant makes the potential for another lockdown not just a possibility, but reality.   As an apartment marketing professional or property manager, you understand how vital in-person interactions with future renters are. Whether your specific state, city, or county decides to issue a "lockdown" mandate or not future renters will ultimately make their own decisions. So, The question becomes, "If people are on lockdown how will they be able to see what our community and units have to offer?" Virtual tours and photorealistic renderings are both great ways to continue connecting with renters when face-to-face interactions are extremely limited or not possible.   Here are a few ways virtual tours and renderings can help your community withstand another potential lockdown.   Don't Leave Anything to Chance   With the total weekly number of cases rising at a rate we ......
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5 Steps to Hosting a Successful Virtual Open House

5 Steps to Hosting a Successful Virtual Open House
What better way to step up your virtual touring strategy than to host a virtual open house? Hosting a virtual open house enables your team to expand its reach and impact while catering to those unable to tour in person for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, these virtual experiences instill trust and transparency into the leasing process while allowing your team to be safe and more efficient — meaning fewer tours and less face-to-face time required! Let's take a look at some of the best practices for hosting a virtual open house, and a simple 5 step process to ensure that your virtual open house is a success for everyone involved!  1. Schedule Ahead In order to have adequate time to prepare and promote your open house, be sure to choose a date at least one week in advance! As virtual open houses begin to grow in popularity, consider planning out a series of open houses as needed to cater to prospective residents schedules. 2. Promote! After you have created a link for your virtual open house, it is time to spread the word! The promotion possibilities are endless. At the very least, post visuals to all of your property’s website and social channels. Be sure to include the link to register as well. By having prospects sign up, you will be able to check periodically to see how many people have registered and keep pushing posts accordingly. The more attendees, the merrier! In addition to your public marketing channels, send a d......
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Did Video Games Just Revolutionize Online Leasing?

Video games allow a player to walk through virtual worlds with a full range of motion, which means you can walk into a room, look up and down, side to side, and walk around every aspect of the room, as well as even interact with that room, such as picking up a plate off the table.  In an apartment marketing perspective, this could potentially allow the prospect to interact with the apartment in completely new ways, and see the apartment in perspectives never before possible.  With the right programming, prospects could literally open up cabinets and the fridge, just like they do in a real apartment tour!  Previously, however, graphics for real-time rendered environments like this simply didn't have the clarity required for a good virtual apartment tour.  When you had to choose between a computer generated image that looked artificial, and a 360 virtual tour that provided real images, although sometimes skewed and with movement limitations, the real images won out.  But after seeing this, I think I may have changed my mind!  (Tip:  Expand this to full-screen mode to appreciate the incredible attention to detail) This video absolutely blew me away!  Now, in this video, it doesn't have the person interact with the apartment - just stroll through it, and from what I am hearing, this is still a few years off from being a reality.  But for the first time, I can truly see the potential of online leasing.  Previously, I couldn't imagine people being comfortable enough with......
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