Apartment Turnover Cost Calculator

Calculator Developed by SatisFacts Research and Multifamily Insiders

Assumptions Average
Average rent
Average vacancy loss days
Average concessions
Maintenance tech average hourly
Maintenance tech average hours to turn a unit
Leasing agent average hourly
Leasing agent average hours to show and rent a unit
Vacancy loss 1000
Concessions 0
Leasing staff time/cost 170
Marketing/advertising cost/rental (guides, newspaper, Internet listing services, other advertising and marketing costs)
Resident referral fee / locator fee
Leasing Commission
Carpet cleaning or replacement cost
Painting cost
Appliance repairs or replacement cost
Miscellaneous maintenance costs (parts, etc)
Maintenance staff time/cost 180
Apartment clean
Total Apartment Turnover Costs $3027

Source: SatisFacts Research (www.SatisFacts.com)