Forum Rules

When you post on the site, please be aware of the following guidelines.

  1. Keep to the "spirit" of the following rules. If you read these rules, you will get a general idea for what is allowed and what is not allowed. We really do not want to have to create a new rule for every iteration of rule-breaking that exists, so if it violates the "spirit" of the rules, we will remove it
  2. No self promotion or advertising. This is especially challenging when someone is talking about your niche - you want to jump in there and talk about all the great things your company offers! But this rule is also meant to save you from yourself. Social media penalizes those who take this approach, so don't do it. Instead, try to join in the conversation on a generalized level, talking about that niche overall, without trying to steer the conversation. IF you would like post something promotional, there is a place for it! Just make your post in the Share Your Story category
  3. If your company has been mentioned in a post, it is reasonable to join the conversation by giving contact information. This is not a time to whip out your sales pitch. Instead, use it as an opportunity to answer any questions they might have.
  4. If you write a "testimonial" or recommendation under a guest account, it will likely be removed. We have a fair amount of detective abilities, but often we cannot verify that the post was not from the company itself. If you still want to post, then contact us and provide us a way to verify who you are.
  5. Don't just link to your website, blog, etc. If the sole purpose of your post is to drive people to your other online locations, then you are self promoting.
  6. We currently allow anonymous posts or posts that use an alias. However, we reserve the right to request the true identity of any participant. If a participant is unable or unwilling to provide evidence of their identity, we reserve the right to remove some or all of participant's posts, and any quotes or references of removed posts by other participants.
  7. If any post breaks any law, or potentially breaks any law, we reserve the right to remove it and ban the participant.
  8. Lastly, our terms of service covers the rest of the common issues, such as posting vulgarity or abusive language, etc.

If you have a question on what might be against the rules, just ask

Lastly, although we will try our best to keep this list short, we will undoubtedly have to change/adjust it from time to time.