Property Management Forms

This is a great hurricane checklist to use to help prepare for before a storm.
Wonderful Income Calculator that you can use when pre qualifying an applicant. Formulated for 3x amount of rent.
This document is what we use for tenants asking for an early termination. We require approval and the fee(s) paid up front!
Check sheet for takeover of Property
There are many ways for communities to bring in extra income from admin fees to service amenities. We are creating the ultimate guide for understanding ancillary income opportunities across the industry.
As the convenience and popularity of online shopping increases, many properties are faced with a new challenge in managing all of the incoming packages for their residents. We are taking a closer look at package management solutions in the industry.

Instead of the "wild wild west", social media has matured, and with it, property management companies' ability to leverage it to attract new residents, retain existing residents, and other objectives. So what tactics are actually successful in social media, and which ones seem to only waste our efforts?

We are analyzing apartment community amenities to see what amenities are actively working to inspire new leases and entice residents to renew! We are looking to identify how communities are using their amenities and what great, new amenities are being implemented across the country!
Effective leasing is always a moving target. If you are not adapting to new leasing trends and resident behaviors, you will soon be losing the edge against your competitors. Therefore, we are examining what strategies work best to get your prospects to sign a new lease.

Guide for charges to use when doing a move out.

Notification to resident of bed bugs.