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Extending "Pet Friendly" To Your Office
Go to a public park and watch how strangers interact with dogs in the park.  An owner of a cute dog will have a steady stream of people stopping over and asking if they can pet the dog, which is no surprise, as dogs have a way to draw people in,...
Why Property Managers Should Include User-Generated Content in their Digital Marketing Strategies
Developing a brand identity that encourages customers to form a personal connection with your product is one of the most important steps in securing a sale. This is especially true in the multifamily industry, where residents need to be fully confide...
Polybutylene - 20 Years Later
Polybutylene or “poly” for short was a plastic resin used in domestic water pipes and fittings between 1978-1995.  This gray plastic pipe was installed in up to 10 million garden style apartments, condominiums and single-family homes throughout ...
Generation Z Renters: The Must Knows for Multifamily Pros
  Millennials are getting all the attention. Often ignored to this point has been their younger sibling—the aspiring, involved, and more technologically mature child. And most multifamily companies aren’t spending enough time lookin...
Dear Gabby: All-inclusive living
Dear Gabby,  I’ve been hearing more and more about this “All-Inclusive Living” trend as of late. All I can think about when I hear the words “all-inclusive” is a resort where people are lazy, being waited on hand and foot without paying extra....

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