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All Things Property Management is a one-stop destination for folks interested in learning more about managing real estate. Broken down into a variety of targeted columns, the information that you are looking for is easily accessible — from investing tips and best practices in The Intelligent Investor to the real-life dilemmas of property managers in Stories from the Front Lines. We’ve brought on contributing writers from across the country to share their respective expertise with you, whether you’re a landlord, a professional property manager, or an association board member. Your feedback, participation, and comments will help us deliver the information you need most.

2011 Property Management Conferences and Seminars

As we begin to look forward to closing another year out, it’s a great time to look ahead and get your ducks in a row for 2011. Aside from all of the  information and lessons you glean out on the property management field on a daily basis, incorporating continuing education into your professional program is a great way to ensure you continue growing and perfecting both your business and your personal skill sets. Though complete certifications and ongoing classes may simply be unfeasible for some of us, property management related seminars and conferences are a great time-efficient way to add to your knowledge base.

2011 NAA Education Conference and Exposition
June 23-25, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

The National Apartment Association tags this event as the opportunity to “educate, energize, and empower” yourself and your organization. This well-attended event brings together 5,000 multi-family housing professionals from across the nation and 300 service providers, not to mention a wealth of high-profile keynote speakers, including Condoleezza Rice.

NPMA 2011 National Education Seminar
July 25-28, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hosted by the National Property Management Association, this multi-day seminar provides a wealth of practical business advice, offered from a wide variety of field experts who have an in-depth working knowledge of how property management works from the inside out. In addition to seminars, the NPMA also offers break-out groups that allow attendees to discuss special interests with colleagues and experts.

23rd Annual NARPM Convention & Trade Show
October 19-21, 2011
Dallas, Texas

As the largest professional association in the property management field, the National Association of Residential Property Managers’ annual convention provides a great opportunity to network and share information with your colleagues. You can also attend targeted seminars from professional guest speakers, a number of education classes and workshops, and even walk away with some new certifications for just a few hours’ worth of your time.

NARPM Regional Conferences
Various dates and locations (see below)

If NARPM’s national convention sounds good, but you are simply unable to make the trip to Texas, consider attending one of their regional conferences, which occur between February and May 2011. These regional conferences have their own benefits, offering all of the same networking and information sharing, but also allowing you to surround yourself with property managers who, because of their close proximity, are often dealing with the same state and local laws, issues, and circumstances as you are — often allowing for more targeted communication and even grassroots action.

Southwest Regional (Scottsdale, Arizona) – February 17 & 18
California (San Jose, California) – March 21-24
Southeast Regional (Virginia Beach, VA) – April 14 & 15
South Central Regional (Little Rock, Arkansas) – April 29 & 30
Northwest Regional (Missoula, Montana) – May 20 & 21

Of course, the conferences and seminars above only begin to touch on the information available out there. In addition to property management specific conferences and seminars, you may also want to consider attending local or regional conferences on other subjects that are applicable to property management and will help you hone your skills and better your business, including:

-       Leadership
-       Customer Service
-       FHA Rules and Regulations
-       Investment
-       Green Building and Business

We recommend that you incorporate at least one or two educational and networking events on an annual basis—the investment of time and money is relatively low and we’re willing to bet you’ll be amazed at the impact on your business and idea generation that can result from these events!

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