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2017 AIM Conference - California Dreaming!

I have been in Multifamily for 13 (Gasp!) years now starting as a leasing agent, and working through many positions along the way. I am currently a proud Senior Property Manager for Artcraft Management in Virginia. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I LOVE Multifamily and I LOVE what we do and I LOVE to learn. 
I'm so excited to be headed out to California in May to attend the AIM (Apartment Internet Marketing) conference to learn about ways to do all of the above. I have been dreaming about this conference for years now!
In an industry where we are more and more dominated by everything internet based, we need to find ways to adapt, ways choose the right methods, and ways to integrate and roll out new and changing software. 
In looking at the agenda, I'm sure I'm going to leave with more than my brain can comprehend in 3 days. But let me tell you, I'm going to try.
Digital Storytelling, Artificial Intelligence in Apartment Marketing, Persuasive Communication, and Becoming a Data Obsessed Marketer will fill day 1. 
Digital Storytelling? There has to be new ways to use the sites and social media outlets we already utilize to really tell, or work our community story and I'm sure this session will lead me to understand how.
A Renter Focus Group, The Evolution of CRM, a Yelp Data session, and Nurturing a Strong Sales Culture are on the docket for day 2. 
I am especially excited to attend the Yelp session. I'm curious, we all know that reviews are important but are they fading? Has the power of the review started to flail? Are we in the Multifamily industry engaging with our reviews, or just monitoring them?
Our Keynote Speech on Tuesday with Rohit Bhargava looks to the future and promises takeaways on learning “non-obvious” habits to curate ideas using his Haystack Method. It's taking everything I've got not to google this before I get there!
On my last day, Corporate Social Responsibility, A Leasing Agent Focus Group, and CEO based marketing panel will round up the conference. (Sniff!) 
Corporate Social Responsibility is something we are seeing more and more of. With brand building on the forefront of our industry, this trust building, emotional skill needs to start at the top. How can we to learn cultivate this through the ranks of a company? More importantly, how can I help?
I hope you will follow my California Dreaming - AIM Journey as I continue to blog my way through it! Is there anything you want to learn from the above sessions mentioned? I will gladly ask your questions while attending.
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