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3 practices our clients are using to increase their resident retention.

Creating community doesn’t happen overnight. However, with the right intention and strategy, the payoff can be huge in terms of retention and referrals. 

We’re pretty lucky in that we work with some pretty big names in apartment biz as part of our jobs…which is to help communities create community. So, we’re sharing three best practices the industry top dogs use to create community…and drive retention and referrals. 

1) They pay attention to the impact in resident programs.

Resident events are the go-to for retention. But it’s not the number of attendees that the top companies track. Rather, the impact the event had on the residents is what will lead to higher retention rates and more referrals. We have seen properties excel with this philosophy by offering residents unique, recurring programs with consistent participants rather than solely one-off events.

While everyone loves a taco truck, or a grab and go lunch, how impactful is that for your residents? Will this help them form relationships or experiences that will attach them to the community? 

Compare that to a murder mystery party, or a Yoga + Journaling workshop. Events that will impact the residents’ life or are so unique that they can’t help but talk about it with their friends and coworkers. This is the factor to pay attention to. If you focus on hosting events  and programs that cultivate resident relationships rather than giving away free food to 100 residents, you are on the right track.

2) They outsource

Whether you are outsourcing single events or programs, outsourcing allows communities to offer really unique experiences that could never be implemented in-house. On-site teams are already battling staffing and turnover issues, while still having endless tasks to complete, like taking care of the “mayor” of the community. In many situations, relying on on-site teams for the entirety of the community programming is unrealistic and will lead to a lack of community very quickly, as some on-site teams simply don’t have time – nor the expertise – to plan and coordinate these programs. 

3) They deliver a consistently superior experience

Everyone is looking for new connections. For new connections to turn into deep friendships, consistency is needed. Offering residents regular Yoga or fitness classes or monthly networking events allows residents to connect with other residents on a deeper level. So, the best companies are looking for programs that are unique in the market, branded to their community, and will make a difference in their residents’ lives.

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