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3 Steps to ease hiring challenges

3 Steps to ease hiring challenges

Hiring challenges? Here's some top tips to help make your hiring process easier.

Wages, location & commute are often the top 3 items on a candidates list. Offering this information upfront, in the initial job posting, can save you time and streamline the candidates applying.

  • Post salary and wages. Candidates need to know this to move forward and apply or to keep searching for employment that meets their needs. Wages are why most people go to work.
  • Don't wait. As my Mom would say, "Don't dilly dally around". If you find an outstanding candidate, waiting can often cost you the opportunity. In a tight job market great candidates will be snatched up by employers acting quickly to offer positions.
  • Follow up. If you've made your selection, follow up with candidates that you have interviewed or had in depth contact with. They may not have been chosen this time, but chances are you will be hiring again, and previous good candidates may be considered at another time. Leaving them in limbo is frustrating. Contacting them lets them move forward, while still keeping the door open (or at least a window cracked) for future hiring opportunities. 
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That's really smart. I say a PM's website recently that asked for your home address and work address, then used that info to say what your commute times would be for each property. It would be great if there was a tool like this built into LinkedIn, or Indeed.

  Cayenne McPayne
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Thanks Cayenne! I saw that too, it's a great tool!

  Laura Bruyere

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