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3.6% of Social Media Comments are Apartment Leads

For two months, we’ve been categorizing every social media comment and mention for clients that use our content moderation services. During that time, we categorized over 3500 users comments and have calculated our preliminary findings.


While our numbers confirm that social media is not a material source of leads, 3.6% of all comments and mentions are in fact leads. However, our data also revealed that residents are actively using social media pages as customer service portals: 9% of all comments tracked were maintenance requests and 38% were general customer service requests.


Interestingly, only 13.6% of all social media mentions were positive or negative comments or reviews (7.6% positive, 6% negative). The numbers suggest that at least in the multifamily space, social media engagement is transactional, not positive and negative comments and reviews.


After evaluating the market offerings for reputation management tools, we were not satisfied that the sentiment scores provided would be as meaningful and accurate as our customers would expect from us. As a result, we devised a method of hand scoring all comments and mention for our clients whose service level includes moderation which gives them access to much better data about social media engagement.


Let us know if you have any questions, we will try to keep everyone up to date on what we find. 



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