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Dear Gabby: 4 Secret Pet Peeves of Leasing Teams

Dear Gabby: 4 Secret Pet Peeves of Leasing Teams

Dear Gabby,


First off, I would like to put on the record that I LOVE being a property manager. I couldn’t imagine waking up in the morning and doing anything else. It’s like one of my favorite

Quentin Tarantino quotes: “When Superman wakes up in the morning, he's Superman.”


BUT… I do have some pet peeves and annoyances that have been building up recently. I wanted to see if you could list some common pet peeves in the industry so that I don’t feel as bad. I mean, if everyone is feeling the same way that I am, it can’t be rude...right?


I just want to make sure that I am normal and that I am not being overly picky or mean.






Dear #SuperAnnoyedPropertyManager,



I TOTALLY get where you are coming from. Sometimes you just want be able to turn your work phone off like a normal 9-5er and head to the movies to see the new Star Wars movie with your kids. Instead, you’re getting calls and texts about a break-in, flooding, or a neighbor’s music.


The short answer to your question about pet peeves being a thing, is YES! We all have things that get on our nerves.


To make you feel better, here are the four pet peeves I hear about the most from property managers:


  1. The questions that come up when screening residents

Most property managers top pet peeve is when potential residents ask if there are going to be children in the building/community. I mean how specific and nosey is that? I get it, you are just trying to gage how loud your neighbors are going to be, but what these people don’t realize is that property managers can’t share this type of information. It is a security measure to withhold this type of information.


  1. Parking Violations

This one is pretty obvious. Even as individuals, parking wars are annoying. We all have that one friend on Facebook that makes almost daily statuses about their neighbors crazy parking rules.


For property managers, the annoyances stem from not enough parking spaces or one resident using more spots than their assigned space. To make matters worse, you have to add in visitors! They always just seem to park wherever they want despite your well labeled spots.


  1. Tenant Cleanliness

This one is something you may not give too much thought as you begin to enter the business. Even so, it will be an ongoing challenge for you as a property manager. You will encounter a lot of tenants in your work and some will live like pigs. That’s a tough truth and it’s not mean or rude to think that.


  1. Rule Breakers

This is another obvious one. As a property manager, you have to draw out rules and make sure that each leasehold is aware of them. You lay out responsibilities of residents and rules for the complex/community. Then… you have people disregard these rules and safety procedures. This causes so much unneeded stress.

That’s it! Now did that make you feel better? Do you think I missed a top annoyance? Let me know in the comments.


Until next week, over and out!



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