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40 Things to Instagram at Your Property



To add to the barrage of social media opportunities that professionals in our industry have been compelled to filter through over recent years, Instagram is another channel that is quickly transitioning from niche to mainstream, and proving itself a force to be reckoned with.


So if you’re looking to get started with Instragram at your property, or if you need some ideas to help diversify your photostream, here are are 40 photo subjects for your perusal. And feel free to comment with your ideas!


1. dishes from local restaurants - nothing is quite so enticing as local cuisine to give viewers a taste of the area.
2. live pics from local events - concerts, gallery openings, block parties...
3. cityscapes - if you offer rooms w/ a view, flaunt it.
4. seasonal area attractions - carnivals, parades, festivals...
5. resident events - that’s a no-brainer.


6. food - if you’re anything like us, treats around the office are never lacking. But only post it if you’re willing to share.
7. the grounds
8. repairs - show-off your maintenance skills
9. food trucks - it doesn’t get any more hipster than that, and residents deserve to know.
10. cute animals - who can resist? And pet-friendliness can be a big factor for a lot of residents.
11. foliage - nothing gives people the warm fuzzies like a autum leaves or cherry blossoms in spring.
12. gifts & giveaways - show us the goods.


13. amenities - pool? gym? pristine laundry facilities?
14. industry events - if your community has a solid network with regional and national organizations, don’t be shy about it.
15. friendly team members - show that staff are available and eager to help.
16. lost & found - keys? pets? socks?
17. office antics - don’t be a stick in the mud, it’s just a little harmless fun.
18. public transit - communities located in close proximity to public transportation definitely want to make those conveniences known.
19. charity events - show you care.
20. merch from local artists and businesses - build relationships with surrounding business and give a little bit of love.


21. decor and home improvement tips
22. local produce - we’re looking at you, Washington - how do ya like them apples? Areas that have fresh, natural goods and produce available should play-up their home-grown commodities.
23. adverse weather - snowfall, ice, wind, and rain can not only be picturesque, but Instagram-ing it can also inform residents so they can take proper precautions.
24. sweet marketing materials, campaigns, and swag
25. renovations - use renovations to demonstrate a commitment to regular property improvements.


26. local haps - road construction, film crews, the clever quote on the chapel marquee down the street...
27. school spirit - especially suitable for student housing, but can also be applied to neighboring public schools, which can play a major role in the housing decisions of family-oriented renters.
28. the little things - clean sidewalks, well-lit parking lots, fresh coffee at the leasing office...
29. signage - they will know you by your name, so don’t let ‘em forget it.
30. awards, accreditations, recognition - it’s something to brag about; just make sure you give thanks where thanks is due.
31. announcements - as I hope you’ve gathered, Instagram isn’t just for pretty pictures, it’s also used to communicate important messages. So experiment with ways you can do so through images.


32. gratitude - there are a lot of properties out there that go above and beyond for their residents, and rewards come in many forms -- some of them tangible: flowers, thank you cards, cookies, positive reviews... all of which would serve as physical manifestations of your team’s expertise and commitment to service.
33. unlikely objects portraying the images of patron saints - when a single potato chip beats all the odds to arrive in your lunchbox with the face of the Virgin Mary, that chip deserves a moment in the spotlight.
34. vacancies - don’t forget to mention referral rewards!
35. available upgrades - storage, pets, parking...
36. lifestyle - for communities that have adopted a distinct lifestyle, take pics that reflect and reinforce that brand.
37. recreation - let people know about the fun outdoors activities that are in your area: skiing, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, dogparks...
38. streetview - prospects are going to Google it anyway.
39. courtesy services - trash pick-up, doormen, dry cleaning, parcel service...
40. happy residents - don’t be a creeper or anything, but if you and your residents are on a first-name basis and you’ve achieved neighborly relations with them, this would maybe be appropriate if they say it’s okay.

BONUS LIST: 5 Properties/Management Companies to Follow

For continued inspiration, follow these communities who have shown considerable savvy with Instragram.

1. glenwoodnyc - Glenwood Management
2. cmcapartments - CMC Apartments
3. ppmapartments - Planned Property Management
4. dtngreen - DTN management
5. aspenheights - Aspen Heights

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