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5 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Your Apartment Community

It's that time of year already: Halloween. Yay! Time to grab your costumes and your candy and get in the spirit. Haha, get it? Good, clean fun, folks. Halloween is a lot different for me now that I have kids. Now, instead of going to a bar, staying up late and shivering all night because a jacket totally ruins my look, I'm planning on dressing up my children and forcing them to wear jackets while trick or treating because I don't care if it ruins your look, I don't want you to get sick!, and eating all of the Snickers bars out of their plastic pumpkins under the guise of "checking for razor blades."


Anyway, Halloween is a lot of fun, and there are lots of ways to celebrate with your residents. And if you're a Scrooge (I think I'm mixing my holidays a bit here, but whatever) and are anti-fun, do it for all the great photos you can get for your community Facebook and Instagram pages to help with your apartment marketing and resident retention.

And, yes, we all have work, and may not have the time or budget to throw a TV-sitcom-worthy Halloween party. But all work and no play makes apartment living rather dull. Your efforts don't have to be expensive or labor intensive, either. Here are some things simple—and relatively cheap—things you can do around your community during Halloween:

Stranger Things Light Display—Welcome to the Upside Down, property managers. Even if you haven't watched Stranger Things on Netflix, you've heard the hype. It's super easy make a tribute (read: ride the coattails of its popularity) to the show by putting the alphabet on your wall with Christmas lights strung across, ala Winona Ryder. And the show is already in its second season, so people will definitely be talking about it.

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