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5 Four Letter Words For An Awesome 2016

5 Four Letter Words For An Awesome 2016

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.  Somewhere around March those resolutions have been kicked to the curb and barely thought about for the remaining 9 months.  So, this year, I’ve elected to forego them and create a plan I can actually stick to.

Here’s my list of 5 four letter words, no, not those four letter words.  While not necessarily work-related, these words are simple reminders of what I can do to be better me and have an awesome 2016.

1. HELP – “How can I help you?”  “What can I do to help?” “Hey, can you help me?”  This action word is so powerful as it’s both an offer and a request.  I will make myself more available to others, lend my talents and gifts wherever needed and be more open to ask for assistance – the latter of which has been most difficult for me.

2. CALL – In an earlier blog post, I mentioned a friend who consistently called others for nothing more than just to say hello.  Emails and social media posts are great but nothing is better than hearing a warm voice and sharing a laugh or two.  I will personally connect and laugh more in 2016.

3. HOLD – Becoming a better version of myself this year begins with imagining what that actually looks like.  Hoping to create a positive outcome for the year, I am creating a vision board to bring about clarity and maintain my focus when things start to go off track.  I will silence the pessimistic voice in my head, keep my attention on my intentions and hold on to this year's promise to affect positive change.

4. ZEST – It’s the “joie de vivre”; the exuberant enjoyment of life.  I am going to surround myself with cheerful people and immerse myself in experiences that rejuvenate my passion for living.  Meet ups with friends and colleagues, taking advantage of mini-vacations throughout the year and maybe trying a new restaurant once a month can sustain the good vibrations throughout the year.

5. DARE – Let’s face it, during any given year, we experience many ups and downs.  The down times can be crushing to ones self-esteem.  One of my favorite quotes is by H.L. Hunt and it goes, “Decide what you want.  Decide what you are willing to sacrifice for it.  Establish a plan and go to work.”  Well, these 5 words are my plan and I dare any obstacle to get in my way. 

What four letter words are going to kick start your 2016?

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So when do I get my call from you?

  Brent Williams
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You my friend, are definitely on my list!

  Lia Nichole Smith

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