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Having property is a good way of having an excellent income for the long-run, but sometimes that same leasing space won’t get you much unless you renovate from time to time.

Properties that don’t receive a makeover regularly will be less attractive and will be more difficult to lease, and you’ll thus lose money.

You can avoid this by doing some renovations or making changes that will cause the space to become more desirable. However, this can be quite costly, which is why we have prepared a list of tips for you to avoid unnecessary costs, and manage to make some effective makeovers for very little money.

Clean Everything

Cleaning is always the best way to make anything look good and appealing. Besides, it’s probably the cheapest option as well. You can easily do it yourself, or hire someone at a small expense.

What you must remember though is that cleaning both the interior and exterior is essential – all of it together will have a significant effect on the desirability of your property.

Give it a Paint Job

A simple paint job is always a necessary makeover if you want your leasing space to be at the top of the list. It’s inexpensive and easy as the previous tip, and it’s sometimes enough to merely paint the areas that look bad and the areas where people will spend most of their time. Don’t forget the front door as that’s the first thing most people will see before entering the place.

Improve the Front Area

It’s always essential to look at the front area of the property first, for the reasons we previously mentioned. Depending on how big the area is and what kind of leasing space you have, it might be straightforward to modify.

Improving the entrance area doesn't have to be a significant challenge. Do most of the things that come to mind, but remember it all has to be aesthetically pleasing to your target market.

Change the Lights

Lighting can have a positive or negative impact on the overall appeal of your leasing space. If the lights and the fixtures are brand new, they will show the entire interior in an entirely different way. When done correctly, you should avoid additional costs in the future. If you can do the work yourself, you will avoid high costs of hiring outside trades to complete the job.

Inspect and Maintain

It is more of a long-term thing to do, but it’s much cheaper than having to fix things when they start to break. You can do inspections whenever you’re in the interim period between new clients and update whatever needs maintaining at the same time.

All of these tips are very inexpensive as you can see, yet they paint an entirely different picture of your leasing space, putting it on top of any list. For more information on how to improve the value of your property.


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