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5 Tips to Design an Apartment Building for Millennials

5 Tips to Design an Apartment Building for Millennials

At this point in time, the large majority of millennials have left the nest, graduated college, landed a steady job, and many have even chosen a lifetime career path to follow. But it’s no secret that choosing the home of their dreams may come later in life. It’s about that time when millennials are searching for a long time home that will meet their housing desires and provide a number of features that some baby boomers would turn their nose up at; and possibly for good reason! Millennials have grown to appreciate a number of crazes that just didn’t exist before the 21st century. Here are a few things to keep in mind when researching how to design an apartment building for millennials:

1) Modern design

A simple rule to follow when designing an apartment building that targets millennials is to keep the design modern and simple. This is often defined by straightforward modern art pieces, large windows allowing a significant amount of natural lighting into the home, clean-lined architecture with almost over exaggerated asymmetry and right angled corners, bold colors such as white, silver, gray, black and red. Open floor plans are also sought after with high rise ceilings, giving a free, accessible feeling at all times.


2) Innovative amenities

Millennials may not have as much time to party as they once had, but the occasional (or weekend) gathering with friends is often desired. A modern pool and patio gathering area, a lobby restaurant and bar, a member with guest accessible gym and even the cleverly located billiard room can have a positive affect during the showing process.


3) Advanced security

Security is not something that apartment investors OR prospective tenants should take lightly. Every apartment building requires some time of building entry system. But what type of system implemented is left up to the investors, builders and often architects to choose. Selecting a more advanced building entry system such as video intercom could make or break millennials’ decision to buy or lease; especially those with loved ones who will be relying on the security intricacies of the building.

Also, see how Multifamily Building Entry System Choice Affects Investor ROI! It’s a win-win situation for investors AND tenants to choose a more advanced building entry system.


4) Luxurious Experience

No matter how many apartment units are built into one building or community, the important thing to remember is that millennials enjoy a sense of luxury. This could be as simple as open, well ventilated hallways and internal rooms, larger balcony/lawn frontage, or an overall sense of seclusion even in the middle of hundreds of other tenant units. Luxury is so much more than appearance. It is the experience of high-class living, rather than the look of the building itself. Be sure to design a luxurious apartment complex that will provide the experience of a lifetime specifically geared toward the millennial’s way of life.


5) Take Action: Conduct a Survey

Lastly, even after reviewing these key design features meant for millennials, it wouldn’t take much to compose a survey directed specifically to millennials requesting desirable design themes, amenities, security measures and trends that catch their eye. And not just catch their eye in the sense that it would be a dream home, but that it would instead be a realistic home worth spending a lifetime in. There are features that many only dream about, so just be sure to understand the line between a distant dream and a realistic luxury.

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