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5 Tips for Preventing Property Staff Burnout in Multifamily

5 Tips for Preventing Property Staff Burnout in Multifamily


Hiring and keeping property management staff has always been challenging, but more so now than ever. The Great Resignation that COVID-19 spurred has made it much more complicated than any other time in recent history. Instead of being reactive about resignation trends, you should be proactive about preventing them.

Retain your property staff and boost workplace morale by addressing occupational burnout. Your staff is tasked with multiple responsibilities, often requiring them to work long hours. They also deal with interpersonal issues with third-party vendors, municipal personnel, and service providers.

Given those high stakes and pressure, it’s no wonder burnout is so common in multifamily. However, you can implement strategies and practices to improve the employee experience and retain your staff.

Read on to discover the top five tips for preventing property manager burnout.


1. Automate tasks with proptech

Most property staff burnout stems from completing repetitive tasks throughout the day. Installing proptech that automates those arduous tasks can alleviate much of this burden.

Examples of proptech devices that automate tasks:

  • Video intercom system: The best intercom system is wireless and smartphone-based, allowing visitors to request access directly from residents rather than a staff member.
  • Self-guided tours: Using a combination of proptech devices, you can empower prospects to go on self-guided tours at your property. Self-guided tours allow prospective residents to view your building independently at a time that works best for them and staff to reallocate their energy and time to provide resident-facing services.
  • Package room: Setting up a package room will allow couriers to leave parcels in a secure space, freeing staff from managing and distributing packages. Choose a package room solution that automatically sends residents mobile app notifications to retrieve their packages upon delivery.


2. Encourage staff to have off-site social gatherings

We all have been told to separate personal life from professional life. But with a bit of moderation, your staff can benefit from getting to know each other on a personal level.

As such, encourage staff members to socialize after work at a bar or park. At these gatherings, team members will show their personalities, give recognition, and forge deeper connections. Learning about fellow teammates outside of work can build a sense of belonging among colleagues.

And it’s easy to leave any ol’ workplace, but it’s much harder to leave a job that celebrates community and camaraderie.


3. Prioritize mental and physical well-being

At its core, much of property manager burnout is caused by mental and physical stress. And that makes sense: Property management is a physically and mentally demanding job. And when employees are unwell, they can’t excel in anything, including their jobs.

So, make sure to prioritize and promote mental and physical wellness among your property staff. Staff who feel cared for are more likely to have a positive outlook on their job (and stay with your company!).

Easy ways to promote holistic well-being at your workplace:

  • Provide self-care stipends
  • Treat your staff to on-demand massages
  • Prohibit staff from eating at their desks — encourage them to go outside for lunch
  • Gather feedback about workplace culture & follow up with actionable steps


4. Frequently hold staff appreciation events

Staff who feel impactful at their jobs are more likely to think highly of their work. So, ‌make a conscious effort to show your staff appreciation and recognition.

Ingrain recognition into your culture through simple initiatives, such as uplifting shoutouts during team meetings and regular appreciation luncheons. To encourage spontaneous, informal recognition, have employees send shoutouts on email or the messaging platform you use.

Remember, these recognition or appreciation efforts shouldn’t be all about performance. Instead, they should focus on celebrating employees who personify your company’s core values daily.


5. Be respectful of staff’s time, especially after work hours

To achieve a work-life balance, staff members must set clear boundaries. Additionally, as their employer, you must respect their personal time.

When staff members have a healthy work-life balance, they’re less likely to burn out and feel like they’re living to work when they should be working to live. As such, you must stress the importance of maintaining boundaries and having quality personal time.

Your staff can achieve optimal work-life balance by:

  • Having client calls go to voicemail at nights and weekends
  • Maximizing time with family & friends after work
  • Setting their email & team messaging app to ‘out of office’ when on vacation
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Additional suggestion - get staff the proper tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Harness technology to make their lives easier!

  Courtney Donowho
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Totally agree, Courtney! There's so much proptech out there to help make property managers' jobs faster & easier. Embracing and incorporating that technology can really help a team stay organized and remain productive without burning out.


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