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5 Useful Property Management Maintenance Resources

I've been browsing the web and researching property management for awhile now, but I've just started actively collecting and storing resources that I find useful. Some I put to use in my day job, others I plan to utilize one day when I'm out on my own.

Today I wanted to share 5 property management maintenance resources that I think are worth checking out.

1. Preventative Maintenance Checklist

This form is approved by the California Apartment Association, but I found it on a website of a property management company. It's really detailed and used by maintenance professionals.


2. Owner Maintenance Checklist

Here is a maintenance checklist for property owners.


3. Quickbooks Compatible Software

I thought this was really neat for Intuit to put together. It's a list of software products for the property management industry that are compatible with Quickbooks. The PropertyWare software that's listed seems to have a lot of features related to maintenance, including work order management.


4. Example of Property Management Maintenance On-Call Rotation

Created by a call center, this resource gives a sample maintenance on-call schedule, complete with rotation and dispatch procedures. Pretty useful if you have more than one maintenance person and are putting a rotation together.


5. Blog Post: "Property Managers, Have a Backup Maintenance Plan"

Recent post on Zillow stressing the importance of having a plan to get repairs made quickly in order to keep tenants happy. Two heating companies, two roofing companies, etc. You get the idea!


Any other maintenance resources you find worthwhile? Please share in the comments!


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