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5 Ways to Enhance Business Relationships

Relationships are essential in business. An organization must create a team that is reliable, they must ally with partners that are supportive, and foster loyalty with customers. Creating these relationships with key players is essential to the success of property management company. You can’t manage properties with a customer, you can’t serve customers without a team, and you can’t build your service without partners. No matter how you look at it, there is no situation where it is not important to develop and strengthen relationships.

Here are 5 ways to create longevity in your business relationships.


Go out of the way and enter industry spaces where you can interact with professionals that can be valuable to your organization. Always be ready to meet people and be willing to consider how they can improve your service. Your network should be vast and diverse, complete with potential customers, past customers, vendors, banks – even members of the media. Keep connected to the people in your network even when there is nothing you can offer them, because there when there is something, they can provide you, they will tell you first.

Hire a Business Relationship Manager (BRM)?

A business relationship manager is typically a senior-level position designed to breakdown barriers between separate departments in a business. The focus of a business relationship manager is to emphasize internal collaboration between otherwise siloed departments to encourage innovation beyond barriers. The BRM or a business relationship team acts as a liaison between internal departments, potential partners, and customers to synthesize offerings and optimize service, delivering customers unprecedented value.

Source New Partners

Partners that allow you to optimize your service from maintenance management, to community events, and even your property management software allow you builds your relationships with customers allowing you to ongoingly deliver the best service possible as customers idea of what the “best” property management is, evolves.

Community Engagement

When property management companies host events on site or within their local community, they have the opportunity to create brand awareness and build personal connection with customers and prospects. By volunteering, hosting events, or even showing up people have the chance to take note of your property management company employees also see a rise in engagement and workplace satisfaction and property managers are able to embed trust and relevant to their community of employees, customers, and onlookers.

Social Media

In 2018, there were approximately 330.5 million social media users in North America according to Statista, a number that’s projected to grow 27 million by 2023, most customers are using social media to connect with businesses, organizations, and people that are relevant to their lives. By leveraging the platform embedded in daily life property managers can stay connected to customers and partners consistently. Using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social platform not only allows property management companies to continuously share content and values that resonate with customers but also allows customers conntect with their friends, families, and followers which can help brand expand their network beyond their customer base.

Being present and communicating are key to business relationships. For property management companies to maintain their relationships they must find ways to sustain and show interest in the people and roles they are engaging.

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