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5 Ways to Make It Easier for Property Managers Returning From Maternity Leave

Some women decide to stay home after having a baby. Others, for a variety of reasons, return to work after maternity leave. According to the Census Bureau, even though it was reported that many new moms were choosing to "opt out" of the workforce, this has actually not been the case

But, it's hard to return to work after having a baby. You have to figure out childcare. And how to get back into a normal sleep schedule. And how and what to feed the baby when you're gone. 

And the guilt. Oh, the guilt.


Guilt about leaving the baby with someone else (even if it is with a family member. Especially if it's not). Guilt that you'll miss first steps and giggles and toothless grins. Guilt that even though society tells you you need to be there to catch all those first steps and giggles and toothless grins and love every minute of it, you maybe, sort of, want to go back to work anyway.

But employers can make it easier for their returning employees! And, why shouldn't they? It was likely other workers had to pitch in to take on the extra work while that person was gone. A smooth process will help everything go back to normal, which helps both the mother and the business. Plus, you know, it's a nice thing to do. If you care about that stuff, I guess.

Do you have any property managers who are coming back to work after maternity leave? Here are some suggestions to ease their transitions. 

Have an area where she can pump. Legally you have to anyway. This doesn't have to be a permanent room, but it can't be a bathroom. Would you want your food prepared in the bathroom? No. The only thing you should be doing in the bathroom, besides, well, going to the bathroom, is doing your makeup. Or gossiping. Or watching episodes of The Office on your phone. OK, so there are lots of things you should do in the bathroom. Pumping is not one of them. Give your returning mother a nice space. Maybe a leasing agent's office. Or you could convert a vacant unit into a temporary space. 

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