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Hi there! As a multifamily consultant and speaker with over 20 years of industry experience my goal is to help educate our industry professionals while inspiring them to find success from within! Here I'll share industry tips and tricks, marketing ideas and tons of other fun things. Thanks for taking a peek and be sure to scroll down and subscribe to my blog to be one of the first to see my newest content! I look forward to connecting with you and sharing ideas.

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find New Employees (for FREE!)

Are you struggling these days to find qualified team members? You’re not alone! Many industry professionals have expressed the difficulties they’re having finding new hires. While we can boost our marketing efforts and throw more of the budget at trying to spread the word about the roles we have available, there is one resource we can use that is not only efficient, but FREE: LinkedIn. In this #ThirstyThursday episode, I share 5 ways that you can use LinkedIn to reach qualified industry professionals looking for a new company to join and get those crucial positions on your team filled! Comment and like if you want more tips like these!


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A memorable line from one of the Godfather movies — “It’s business, not personal.” turns out, is one of the most important and yet the most ironic things I have learned in my career. As a manager, I find myself forced to make unpopular decisions almost every day. And so, I deal with the impact or perceived impact that my decisions make on my employees on a regular basis.  I try to follow the mantra of “it’s business, not personal”, but sometimes it ...
1.)   Change their job description 3 times in the first week... without their involvement.2.)   Misplace their direct deposit paperwork... twice.3.)  Use "You'll figure it out" as a motivational tool.4.)  Introduce them to coworkers as "Our newest sacrifice".5.)  Make them wear their nametag with an added "I'm new, thank you for your patience".6.)  Constantly compare their work to their predecessor's accomplishments.7.)  Move your file pile to t...
Lately, much of my work has been very operations oriented. In this time of economic turmoil, companies are returning to the basics. Companies that are still alive today are going back to the drawing board and spending some time to clearly define job descriptions & responsibilities.(picture provided by KateL366 on Flickr through Creative Commons license.)Why spend time on something so basic? In the apartment industry, more so than many industries, we have many people classified as&n...