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6 Things to Instagram at Your Community

6 Things to Instagram at Your Community

Instagram, the photo sharing social network, has grown like crazy in the three and a half short years since its initial launch in October 2010. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down. According to its website, Instagram has 200 million monthly active users throughout the world (that’s just a bit less than the population of Brazil!) sharing an average of 60 million photos per day.

Have an Instagram account for your property but stumped about what kinds of pictures to take and post? Here are six ideas to get you started.

  1. Signs of summer: Summer will be here before we know it. Take photos of the different signs of summer around your community, such as blooming flowers, the swimming pool or the fountain you just turned on for the season.
  2. How you’re going green: Appeal to eco-friendly renters by showing off how your community is going green. Snap photos of recycling bins, reusable cups (in place of plastic water bottles and Styrofoam cups), earth-friendly cleaning supplies and anything else that makes your community green.
  3. Pets in your community: Snap photos of pets out and about in your community (but ask for permission first – some humans are very protective of their pets!) People love pictures of cute animals...search Instagram for hashtags like #catsofinstagram or #catstagram and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Plus, sharing pet photos on Instagram is a great way to show that you really value your furry residents.
  4. Your all-star staff: Your employees are a key element of your community. Share a group photo of your team or photos of individual employees on the job. It’s a great opportunity to add a personal, human element to your community.
  5. Your community events: Holding a canned food drive for the local food bank? Take a photo of all the items you collect. Planning a resident appreciation BBQ? Snap a photo of the buffet table filled with delicious treats.
  6. Local landmarks: Snap photos of things that make your neighborhood unique. Add a photo of that great new sandwich shop down the street or the popular park down the block. These types of photos will give people a better idea of what it’s like to live in your neighborhood.

Do you have an Instagram account for your community? What kinds of photos are you posting?

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