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7 Ideas to Improve Training Adoption

7 Ideas to Improve Training Adoption


One of the biggest challenges to effective training is not about the training itself, but rather how to get team members to “buy into” the idea of training.  On-site teams are busier than ever, and ensuring that training is a priority is always a moving target.  However, through the years we have seen some companies absolutely crush it when it comes to their teams embracing new training, so I’d like to share some of the concepts that we have seen work the best:

I’ve written the tips below in relation to our Webinar Wednesday training series, but many of these can be applied to all types of training!

  • Tie the series in with their bonuses. Let’s face it, money talks!  So aligning training success with quarterly and annual bonuses definitely moves the needle in adoption. 
  • Beware the word “Optional”. Even with the best intentions, people get busy and it is easy to prioritize other things over something that is seen as optional.  Besides, that verbiage also places a value on the training – if the company thought it was important, they wouldn’t call it “optional”, so it sends the message that it must not be as important.
  • Build accountability through collaboration. Many trainers weave training into their weekly meeting, which reinforces lessons and places a level of importance on the training itself.  For example, some training leaders ask team members to share their favorite or most impactful parts of each course so they can build upon those concepts and apply them to their own business processes, also building a level of accountability in the process!
  • Give team members control. No matter how great a task may be, training or otherwise, the moment we “assign” it, it becomes a chore!  So by sending out the series to team members and asking them to self-select what courses appeal to them, it gives them a sense of control and ownership over their own career growth. 
  • Make training a treat. If just one person is attending training and they have a laptop or tablet, letting them step away to Starbucks with a cup of coffee makes training something they look forward to.
  • Personalize the Training. Each team member has their own strengths, weaknesses, and passions.  So having them focus on training that hits their needs and interests the most helps get buy-in.
  • Gift Cards! Remind them that we give out 5 gift cards every event, with one dedicated to a subscriber.  Plus, some companies give away their own gift card(s) based upon attendance.

 If you see value in action-oriented, engaging training for your team, you can get a quick quote for discounted portfolio pricing by clicking here.  

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I love the idea of weaving the training into weekly staff meetings especially as we continue to learn when sharing and debriefing. Great ideas Brent!

  Lilah Poltz

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