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7 Super Reasons to Be On Top of Preventive Maintenance!

7 Super Reasons to Be On Top of Preventive Maintenance!

There are probably a million good reasons to stay on top of your property’s preventive maintenance program, but here are a quick few:

1.Reduces day to day maintenance calls AND after hours emergency maintenance calls!

2.Prevents safety concerns, like fires, by verifying equipment like smoke detectors are operational.

3.Let’s you be proactive and manage your time and do the work on your schedule rather than reactively have maintenance needs manage you.

4.Keeps the asset in more consistently good shape, keeping costs down and owners happier.

5.Allows you to anticipate problems or resident issues by getting the inside view on a regular basis.

6.Sometimes lets you catch extra occupants, even the furry ones!

7.A big bonus reason is that generally residents will stay longer if they are satisfied with the maintenance of their apartment homes! So fewer apartments to turn!

No matter how busy you get, you would be busier still if you fell behind on your preventive maintenance, so stay on top of it!

These are my Super 7! Now yours?

Mary Gwyn, CPM

Making the World a Better Place One Lease at a Time!


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