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9 Multifamily Marking Trends That Are (Thankfully) Over

9 Multifamily Marking Trends That Are (Thankfully) Over

Remember in the '90s and early '00s when it was fashionable for women to have pencil-thin, overplucked eyebrows?

What were we thinking? (I'm still paying for that one, by the way.)

Trends come and go. Sometimes it's because things go out of style, sometimes it's because we learn new information (or look in the mirror). Same goes with marketing trends. Some things we saw as a necessity to market apartments decades, years or even months ago are now out of fashion—or even harmful to our business.

It's always fun to look back and laugh—so we don't have to cry. Here are some multifamily marketing fads that are thankfully no longer necessary.

  • Naming your business "A1" or something similar so that it would appear first in the phonebook. (Remember phonebooks?)
  • Speaking of the phonebook, picking out a phone number that spelled something memorable so that people would remember it. Now, with smart phones, does anyone know any phone number offhand?
  • Getting expensive business cards that were oddly shaped, thick, or had embossed lettering in an attempt to stand out. (Totally giving Patrick Bateman in American Psycho vibes.)
  • Giving out branded mousepads with community or property management company names.

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Uh, I use a branded mousepad that doubles as a screen cleaner/wipe. How old am I?

  Felicia Norman

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