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A Buyer's Guide To Gutters And Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are the unsung heroes of your property’s exterior. Although many property managers worry about keeping their roofs in good condition, they don’t always pay as much attention to their gutters and downspouts. That can come back to haunt them because of how important gutters and downspouts are for protecting a property from water damage. Out of all the components that make up a property’s exterior, gutters may be one of the most important. What that in mind, it’s important for property managers to understand how the style and construction of the gutters they choose for their property affects the level of protection they receive.

The average downspout can direct as much as 12 gallons of water away from a property during a 1-inch rainfall. That’s 12 gallons of water that otherwise could end up pooling around the building’s foundation, seeping into tiny cracks where it will expand and damage the foundation as it freezes in the winter. Those 12 gallons of water also could end up getting under siding and causing mold and mildew growth without gutters and downspouts to direct that water away from the property.

Although it’s certainly important for property managers to have their gutters cleaned and inspected by professionals on a regular basis, they also need to be aware of how their gutters will stand up to the rigors of protecting their homes. The shape and materials of gutters and downspouts all have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and they may impact how often they need to be serviced or replaced. For example, vinyl gutters might be the choice for property managers who want to install them on their own because they can be snapped together by hand. However, vinyl gutters also tend to become brittle under heavy sun and in the cold. They also won’t stand up to heavy loads very well, making it necessary to clean them much more frequently.

There are so many aspects property managers need to consider when choosing the right gutters and downspouts for their properties. Given how important gutters and downspouts are for protecting those properties, making the right choice is crucial. The following infographic details the pros and cons of many of the most common types of gutter shapes and materials, so take a look before making that critical decision.

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