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A life choice and not a Job

A lot of times people get hired for companies and they decide that they like a job.  It is not often that a person gets hired for a job and they decide that this is a way of life.  Well when I started in this industry, I thought it would be just that a job.  I was so wrong!  I was a part time leasing professional and my husband was a maintenance supervisor.  I started reading everything I could about my profession and discovered that it held a lot of truths for me.  Being of service to others was the biggest.  Often times, we do just what we have to to get through the day.  In property management we impact people's lives.  Think about this, at my community for example, there are 144 families.  144 homes that I am responsible for.  Homes that I have to make sure that they are not only happy, that the asset my company asks me to protect is protected and that the community standards are maintained.  It isn't just a 9-5 desk job.  It is my life choice.  I choose this because I want to impact people in a positive way and give back to them every bit of understanding, kindness, truthfulness, and willingness that I possibly can. I start my day and end my day with my property and residents in mind.  I build my day around my community and what I can do to better it for the people who trust me enough to say "I want to live here."  It is a massive responsibility and if it were just a "job" I wouldn't be doing anyone any good.  Goodness and Honesty are traits that are looked upon with regard and they are traits that we shouldn't take for granted as a given.  We need to strive to give the extra mile to these people because without them we wouldn't be here.  I will never phone my job in.  I challenge all other leasing professionals to do this.  Make it your way of life.  I have and because I have done so, I have the respect of my co-workers and my residents.


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  Lindsay Herrick
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Passion for your work must be present. If the day comes that you no longer have a SPARK and dread walking in, then you need to change and find something that makes you happy again. If you do have passion, then you live the job because it is a part of you and comes easy. Happy for you Brandi that you have found your calling.

  Joei Lemacks

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