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Angry Residents Evolve Into Passionate Ambassadors?

On a previous blog about how to deal with an angry resident, I got some great comments from those that had dealt with severely angry residents, and how they chose to handle the situation.  One thing I found interesting, and something that I’ve found to be true in my own experiences, is that successfully identifying and handling an issue from an angry resident not only solves the problem, but turns that resident into a loyal fan of the community!  As Mindy Sharp mentioned, “Almost 100% of the time, these Residents choose to renew and they do become wonderful ambassadors for the community.”

I’m a very laid back person, so I can’t imagine going into a store or other situation and start yelling at someone.  I wouldn’t say that I’m not passionate about things, but that is a whole other level of passion!  Quick to anger, quick to love, people with this personality type can be quite a challenge!  Although we should never allow our residents to be verbally abusive, I want to point out the potential benefits of being patient and truly working through their problem.

(Note:  There are different types of personalities that will yell in that type of situation.  I am detailing just one personality type, so different results and strategies need to be used with different types of people.)

One personality type that has a tendency to react in a super-sized way is the “Big Heart” personality.  This person is often emotionally charged and quick to react to different situations without calming down and assessing them first.  They often work in extremes – they either love you or they hate you, with few options in between.  But big emotion can work both ways!  While they may come in screaming, proper handling of the situation can lead to very loyal and happy residents!

So if you don’t see this type of screaming resident as an opportunity, you are missing the point!  Resolve their problem and they will be loyal for life!

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