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Apparently, There’s an App for Everything, But Which Are the Most Appealing?


As smartphone ownership increased from 3.2 percent of mobile subscribers in 2006 to 44 percent in 2011 (Nielsen 2012), so has the demand for phones to act as a multipurpose tool for entertainment, socializing, shopping and everyday life in general.  Smartphones now provide freedom from needing multiple tools on hand at any given time, as creatively pointed out by a recent cellphone provider’s commercial, through the development of application software, more commonly known as “apps.”  Not only has the variety of options increased, so has the technology and functionality in apps.  This advancing technology can be seen through numerous application offerings including the ForRent.com that not only allows renters to search for the perfect apartment in the palm of their hand, but they can also utilize the augmented reality function that allows them to view their current location through the camera of their smartphone with a “layer” showing all of the available apartments on ForRent.com within a 10-mile radius.


With more than 600,000 apps to choose from in Apple’s iTunes Store alone (Mobile Marketing Watch), we wondered which are the most popular and how they stack up.  Since mobile mania is well underway, we provided some reviews on our favorite apps and most recommended apps for work and play.  


To start, we gathered recommendations from renters by asking our Facebook friends which app is their favorite. More than 80 different comments came back in one day, all confirming the latest national statistics.  Here is what we found from our survey:

App Facebook Survey Results



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The One Call Now apps makes it easy to send voice, text and email messages right from your smartphone.

You can download it for free

  Nicholas Frantz
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Thanks for the tip! I just checked it out, and it looks like a good one. I especially like that it's free.

  Maggie Gormley
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Thanks for the post Brittany. Great info.

  Leigh Curry

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