Are you using your turn signals?

 turn signal jpg.jpg

As I drove through some mildly congested traffic last week, it amazed me at the lack of drivers not using their turn signals!  How much confusion and wasted time it created!  The drivers not using their blinkers, left other motorists having to guess what they were going to do; to turn or not to turn, and the many almost accidents caused by these thoughtless drivers pulling out of nowhere in front of innocent cars!

So, what exactly are these blinkers, aka directional lights, turn signals for anyway?  They are there strictly for the consideration of OTHER drivers.  They do absolutely nothing for the driver of the car.  Their sole purpose is to advise other drivers of the intentions of the person behind the wheel.   And they’re fairly easy to use too, conveniently located with the ability to function with just the flip of your finger.   Good product – but not unless it’s used correctly!

In property management, we have many opportunities to use our ‘blinkers’.  In our management and leasing offices, if we can use our blinkers correctly, it can offer insight, forewarn others of what’s to come, where we’re headed, let other know of our intentions, possibly the need to be accommodated and potentially avoid collisions.  That’s pretty good stuff!

But do we do it?  It seems that both leasing and management seem to forget to flip on their turn directional at times.  Seemingly winding through traffic and tasks knowing exactly what they’re doing, but forgetting to signal to others.   Leasing can forget to signal to prospects;  agents know their leasing routine, the tour, the move in process.  But, not signaling to prospects, letting them know where you’re headed, can lead to confusion even frustration.   Kinda like that guy who pulled out in front of me in traffic!  Had I seen a blinker, I would have known what to expect, been happy to allow room for him to enter the lane and everyone stays on the “have a nice” day path.

When managers fail to signal, it can be devastating.  Think of leasing as a cute little sports car, managers are the big four wheel drives!   If managers don’t put on the occupancy signal until after there’s a traffic jam or worse yet, an accident, it can be fatal.  The leasing department can be blindsided with the wrecking crew (aka corporate office) pounding the property with questions, file audits and occupancy and revenue frustrations.  If managers use their blinkers well in advance, the collision may be avoided. 

So in the busy traffic jams of the summer leasing season, be considerate, avoid confusion and collisions, use your blinkers! J