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Microsoft debuted a new search engine on May 28, 2009 called Bing. Head on over and Bing yourself, your company and or your apartment community. You might be surprised by the results.

Dubbed the decision engine, Bing is suggested to help users search the web more intelligently. It does so by grouping or organizing search results according to users preferences. You can learn more about Bing by watching this informative video.

Bing is not Google and it will likely take some time to gain traction with users but it is cool. It makes me think the SEO game will/has changed. Will we now be competing for Bing Juice and if so what are the key drivers? I ran a few apartments in [insert city] searches where companies usually dominate the front page of Google and found some interesting results. Each time it yielded [among the usual ILS'], a company URL, usually down the list, not the social media stuff. Now when you type in a specific company name social media seemed to dominate the listings.

Now I know it is early and in the same respect if Bing does take off to the extent it changes the game for Google and others, what will that mean for all the work we are currently doing with Social Media? Not suggesting we quit but does it change our approach? Should be interesting watching the news and reviews unfold over the coming weeks and I would love to hear from some of our more tech oriented MFI users on the subject.

Have a great week. M

*Note this is an edited version of the initial post.


6.15.9 Update:

Quote from New York Post Story:

"Search competitors have come and gone during the years, but Microsoft's new Bing, which made its debut last week and quickly grabbed the spotlight thanks to an $80 million ad campaign, has reportedly grabbed the attention of Google. According to the Post, cofounder Sergey Brin has assembled a team to decode Bing and design immediate upgrades for Google's search engine."

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Hey, Mike, It will be interesting to watch how MS markets this and how well it actually does. Google is a powerhouse, and coming out with such new and creative stuff, it doesn't seem possible that anyone will catch them.

I think that Seth Godin summed it up nicely, in that Bing isn't really offering anything that is more Remarkable than Google, so we shall see

It will be fun to start fooling around with SEO for this to see what seems to drive it

  Eric Brown
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That is interesting. But I do not think it will even be a player once google release Wave later this year. For those of you who haven't seen the previews, get a load of this: [url]http://wave.google.com/[/url]

Happy Monday! -T

  Trevor Henson
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I don't see it making much more of an impact than MSN. They're too late. Are you competing for Yahoo! Juice?


  Mark Juleen
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The buzz is noteworthy, but Google and Yahoo! have over 90% of the market at this point. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft has created anything more compelling than Google. Regardless, MS still will need to find a way to overcome users' ingrained habits -- Google is a cultural phenomenon. I'll be watching the traffic closely (0.1% in this game is a huge number of searches), but I won't be too concerned until I start hearing people tell me they'll "just Bing it."

Also, I don't think it changes much in terms of social media strategy at this point. High rankings on SERPs are only one benefit of participation on social media sites ... whether it helps my rankings or not, I still want to be there to address customer concerns.

  Mike Whaling
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Mike and Mark - thank you for the feedback.

It does have a cool factor to it - that or I am very easy to please.

  Mike Brewer
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@Mike - I think you may be too easy to please.

  Mark Juleen
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I find it much harder to find things using Bing and usually try to circumvent it whenever possible.

  Whitney Garrity

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