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Rommel (pronounced "Roh-mel") Anacan is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer and strategist. He powerfully impacts people, companies and organizations by identifying the obstacles to their success, then provides the clarity, inspiration and education they need to break through their limits and achieve the success they desire. In 2011 he founded his company The Relationship Difference; and In 2017 he became the newest member of the famed Apartment All-Stars team.
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Jessica Fiur is the managing editor for Multi-Housing News.
Munish is the Founder & CEO of Hy.ly - Multifamily’s Digital Workforce.

With a new and powerful ‘Human + Machine’ strategy we are changing the economics of property management companies.

Hy.ly's digital workforce augments the human workforce. It automates repetitive processes, adds intelligence and guides agent and marketer workflows.

This frees your team to do what they do best - cultivate relationships!

To learn how we are augmenting the multifamily workforce, please visit https://hy.ly/ or call us at 1-516-495-9462.