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Tips For "Connecting" With College Students Through Advertising

Think you know what it takes and how to really "connect" with college students trhough advertising? Read on for these tips and see if you've got what it takes to make your advertising efforts stand out! 1.  We Think For Ourselves.  It may take awhile to win us over.  We don't give our trust and show our respect just because we are told by mass media.  We need to be won over and held onto by providing us with a consistently good product/service or we will move onto the next guy.2.  Get To The Point! Just TELL us what we need to know and forget the "Fluff" ...we don't have time!3.  Keep It Simple.  Visually, that is.  Use one large photo, one large headline, one or two great offers, address, website, phone and anything else that is top priority...we want you to keep our attention and at the same time still get your point accross.4.  We Like BUZZ!  We want to be part of anything that is new and really relevant...i.e., an event on campus, a new place to check out, the hottest new products/service/food around.  Offer us an incentive and we are there!  We are VERY brand concious-we want the newest and the BEST!5.  We Like FREE! Give us something to try for FREE and kwe will come back to buy MORE! 6.  We TALK.  If something or someplace on campus catches our eye, we talk about it.  If we like YOU, we will tell our friends on Facebook, Twitter and......
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Optimize Your Engagement

There's been a lot of discussions over the last several months on engagement .  We are noticing there is a need to connect with our customers on multiple platforms.  It starts with gathering information from conferences, seeking outside help through Social Media consultants or agencies, to making switches in our marketing plans.  With so many consumers out there not trusting or believing in what companies produce in their marketing, we need to change so the customers are the one's leading the relationships on and off line. Not only are they skeptical, but are time deprived. With the countless amounts of information available to us, means we need a reason to join a conversation or become involved. It's also about being connected, emotionally attached and experiences.  Anyone who works on site understands and relates to the emotional attachment and experiences of the everyday life of our residents.  What we have always done just got more complicated. Our residents want to be respected as individuals , take charge of the relationship and are not afraid to lead conversations.  Now is the time to truly connect with your customers on this emotional level, but how are you going to do it? Before you get caught up in all the platforms available, you also need to understand being able to create engagement also means being able to deliver and follow through.   It seems so many are working very hard to discuss and find ways to get their brand online, but are oblivious to their customers......
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