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Contactless Payment and Communications Benefits to Property Managers

The benefits of paying rent and communicating by text message for both property manager and tenant

Why Property Managers Should Collect Rent via Text Message

Collecting rent and collecting it on time, especially during the pandemic, has been a challenge. Property managers are seeking the best ways to collect rent and also communicate with tenants, and one solution at their – and their tenants’ – fingertips is paying and communicating by text message.   Writing and mailing a check or going through a lengthy online login process to submit monthly rent payments can be avoided by using the solution more industries are adopting every day. Instead of playing phone tag or listening to lengthy voice messages, a simple communication by text will put dialogue in motion. Everyone texts. It’s the universally accepted favorite form of communication with an average open rate of 99% (RedEye).   Let’s take a look at the benefits from both the property manager and the tenant perspective. Getting rent paid on time is a small piece of the puzzle among the other benefits a texting solution adds to the property manager-tenant relationship. Some of the benefits to property managers include:   Saying goodbye to late payments: Serial late rent offenders can be swiftly reminded of their upcoming rent being due with a simple automated text message. The date can be pre-determined and the text formatted and automatically sent every month. Imagine the headaches avoided by a tenant’s response text resulting in rent paid.   Swift payment: With a simple “Your rent is due, would you like to pay now?” text message, tenants who have set up the secure pay by text function are able to rep......
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