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ApartmentRatings.com: Know the Game You're Playing

Photo courtesy of JBYoder via Flickr Have you ever wondered how ApartmentRatings.com calculates their "Recommended By" score?  While there's a lot of math involved, I'll give you the scoop: The more recent the review, the more relevant they consider it and will have it "count" more than older reviews. Let's make this a game and pretend like reviews are worth points (fun!). Ok, reviews written between today and 4 years ago are all given points based upon age - today's review is worth 100 points and a review from 4 years ago is worth 25 points. Every review written between today and 4 years ago has points somewhere in between depending upon when it was written. BONUS: Reviews written more than four years ago are GIVEN NO POINTS! Finally, they take all the points and divide them by the number of reviews and voila! That’s your Recommendation Percentage! What does all this mean to you and what can you do about it?  It means that in order to get, and more importantly KEEP, a high recommendation, you need to consistently have positive reviews and recommendations added to your community. Without that, you are at risk of just one negative review setting your Recommendation % back years. YEARS!!! GGAAAAHHHHH!   On the other hand...if you have old reviews on there and a low recommendation, I smell an opportunity!!  Let's say things have stabilized at your community, maybe you've even made changes that have your residents really happy...this is an excellent scenario ......
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